With government loans at 0% interest, why not think bigger!

Depending on the work to be done, the Canadian government offers interest-free loans ranging from $5,000 to $40,000!

These 0% interest loans are repayable over 10 years and are part of the Greener Homes Program!

The Canada Green Home Loan helps Canadians make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable. It offers interest-free financing to help you make some of the most important renovations your home needs.

This is an incredible government program that allows you to upgrade and finance your entire air conditioning and heating system at 0% interest. This is unheard of.

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    How to apply?

    Loan Information

    Maximum: $40,000
    Minimum: $5,000
    Terms of repayment: 10 years, interest free
    Type of loan: Unsecured personal loan, on approved credit

    A maximum of one loan is available per eligible property and per homeowner.

    The loan can only help you finance products and installations that are part of a retrofit that is both recommended by an energy advisor and eligible for the grant.

    In order to begin work on your home, a portion of the loan can be advanced to you. Contractors often require a down payment for this type of project. The balance of the loan will be disbursed upon completion of the renovation work and verification by a post-retrofit evaluation.


    June 17, 2022 - The Canada Green Home Loan is now available for :
    • Eligible applicants applying for the Canada Green Housing Grant.
    • Active applicants at the stage of applying for an EnerGuide pre-retrofit evaluation under the Canada Green Housing Grant.
    By August 31, 2022 - The Canada Green Home Loan will be available for :

    Homeowners who have already received a grant or applied for an EnerGuide post-retrofit evaluation under the Canada Green Housing Grant who want to apply for other eligible renovations they would like to undertake and have not yet started.

    *Please note that in Quebec, you must first participate in the Rénoclimat program to benefit from these grants and loans.

    There are a few eligibility criteria that must be met before applying for a loan:

    • Eligible ApplicantsYou must apply for the Canada Green Housing Grant. In Quebec, the Rénoclimat program must be applied first. who are applying for the Canada Green Housing Grant.
    • You must be a Canadian homeowner and your property must be your principal residence.
    • You must have had a pre-retrofit evaluation of your home completed on or after April 1, 2020.
    • You must demonstrate a good credit history and that you are not subject to :
    • of a consumer proposal;
    • an order under an orderly payment of debts program;
    • bankruptcy or equivalent insolvency proceedings.

    You will need to submit financial information to demonstrate that you have the financial ability to repay the loan.

    The loan does not apply:

    • to work you have already started or completed;
    • renovations that have not been recommended by an energy advisor;
    • renovations that are not eligible under the Canada Green Housing Grant;
    • renovations that are not included in your application.

    How to apply?

    • 1) Participate in the Rénoclimat program first
    • 2) Once your participation in the Rénoclimat program is completed and your financial assistance has been paid out, your file is automatically transferred to the Canada Green Housing Grant team. In order to validate your eligibility for the Canada Green Housing Grant, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) will then contact you by e-mail to ask you to send certain documents without delay. Be sure to check your inbox and junk mail regularly to avoid delays in processing your file.
    • 3)Get an EnerGuide pre-retrofit evaluation
      A service organization will contact you to schedule an appointment for an energy advisor to conduct a pre-retrofit evaluation of your home. They will assess your home and make recommendations on how to make it more energy efficient and climate resilient.
    • 4) Plan your renovations and get quotes from contractors
      Review the report's recommendations and determine which renovations best fit your budget and renovation plans. Talk to contractors and get at least one to three bids for each of the renovations in your plan.
    • 5)Apply for a loan

    Why take advantage of these loans?

    • New system adds a ton of value to your home
    • You add comfort to your life
    • In some situations, you'd be crazy not to take advantage of it. For example, if you are doing major renovations and are considering a system upgrade. Or if your basement is unfinished and you don't have a central heating/cooling system, this loan allows you to easily add a central system to your home.
    • This can help make your home super energy efficient by reducing your electricity costs
    • 0% loans do not usually exist. This one exists! This is an insane value given current inflation figures.

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